Ceramicx launches new IR heating test services for China

Following the success of Ceramicx at Chinaplas 2018, we have great pleasure in reporting that GSAE is now offering a full suite of IR heating services to our customers in China.

This move will complement our work in sales of elements into China. It will also assist GSAE to fully demonstrate Ceramicx products in a way that will give confidence and data to builders of machines and IR heating systems in China.

The newly built test room at GSAE China is now ready for launch and utilization. The new room at GSAE currently contain a total of three types of heater, Ceramicx IR componentry, data and other IR heating resources.

Pride of place is given to a new Ceramicx test oven, which can be equipped with three different interchangeable IR sources – short, medium and long wave. This oven also uses PLC control and is mainly used to heat test a variety of different target materials under differences of temperature, power and distance from the heat source.

A tube heating based oven and a closed IR heating oven are also provided by GSAE for further test work on behalf of GSAE’s Ceramicx customers.

The Chinaplas 2018 exhibition confirmed a trend that China is increasingly eyeing the build of turnkey systems – including the creation and supply of complete ovens and platens. Ceramicx intends that our company hardware and IR know-how become integral to that drive.

GSAE’s new test centre will further assist us in our ambitions to service the industry and will also help Ceramicx with ambitions to offer even more care and know-how to their customers. Every company that visits the GSAE test centre will be given a full set of test data together with tailored-made GSAE suggestions and recommendations for the improvement of their heat work.

In short, Ceramicx is delighted to celebrate another landmark in our Chinese marketplace. We send congratulations to our distributor, GSAE, and to our commercial agent Xu Shan in making this happen.

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