Case Study

Case study: Material Test Oven

Ceramicx designed and built and infrared test oven system for a Chinese customer. This oven has a series of removable drawers which contain the different heating elements. Long wave ceramic elements, medium wave quartz elements and short wave halogen allowing heater vs material type evaluation.

Control is achieved via closed loop SSRs in conjunction with a non-contact sensor. The unit was designed to be small, highly mobile yet contain a large amount of technology to allow the customer to evaluate, on-site, the effectiveness of Ceramicx infrared heating technologies.

Oven Type: Test Oven + Control
Total Power: 6.2kW
Power Supply: 1 x 230V + N + PE
Maximum Current/Phase: 26A
Element Types: Ceramic, Quartz & Quartz Halogen
Total Heating Power: 6.0kW
Control channels: 1
Control type: 1 zone open loop control
Controller: Siemens S7 1211C
Control interface: Siemens KP300
Power control: SSR
Sheet temperature monitoring: IR Sensor
Footprint: 0.92 x 0.6m
Oven length (entry to exit): 0.92m
Approvals: CE

Components Used

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