Infrared Main Heat Ovens

Being the central component to any heat process, Ceramicx infrared main heat ovens provide the right heat needed for forming, curing, annealing, or laminating. In fact, any process where high temperature, energy-efficient heat is needed to perform certain processes.

With every custom oven, Ceramicx engineers can evaluate your production specifications to design, configure, and deliver an infrared main heat oven solution that meets your exact requirements.

Main heat processes are used extensively throughout major industry and manufacturing sectors. And with many processes being specific to sub-components of components, it often requires an individual and custom heating solution.

Ceramicx infrared main heat ovens are designed to exacting specifications. Purpose-built to meet the needs of the product and the process, each includes bespoke temperature or power requirements, together with considerations for any physical size and shape constraints.

Manufactured by Ceramicx engineers, every infrared main heat oven is designed and built around the customer’s own process requirements with built-in custom features. Beyond a structural stainless steel framework, Ceramicx’ experience in heatwork can integrate functional and precise specifications and controls to full standards compliance.

Custom heater arrays can be produced for full concentration of heat direction using Ceramicx, CE approved, infrared elements for tight heating tolerances in °C and optimised energy-efficiency. And enhanced custom control capabilities can be pre-programmed to allow precision timing and temperature control for your applications.

Every oven – from standalone systems to full integration with existing machinery – is bespoke to your own requirements, giving you a complete, energy-efficient and cost-effective heating solution. Oven features can also include:

Industrial Infrared Main Heat Ovens

  • Bonding Automotive Interiors

    One of the biggest US automotive companies were looking for a more automated solution to their production process. Their Tier 1 supplier made contact with our business partner in the United States, Weco International.

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  • Ceramic Infrared Heating System for PVC Pipes

    Ceramicx combined all the customer’s variances and produced one heating system that could work on all the variations of PVC pipe.

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  • Ceramicx Modular Infrared Conveyor Oven

    Each IR oven module is attached to the next module by means of securing fittings. Side conveyors run alongside the oven modules to feed product to the entry point of conveyor oven. Each oven module has an integrated control system to control heating, air flow, and conveying operations.

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  • Pre-Heat and Main-Heat System

    These were used to produce an artificial turf type material for sports grounds in the US. There were 2 heating systems: pre-heat and main heat system to be positioned over a conveyor system.

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Bespoke manufacture, design and build

  • Mounting brackets and wheels for easy lifting and moving
  • Extra structural protection and features for easy shipping and partial re-assembly
  • Specialist insulation, steel meshing, rotary wheels, and viewing windows
  • Multiple doors for easy access to heat chamber
  • Custom safety features for your process needs together with emergency stop
  • Bespoke electrical junction boxes positioning
  • Custom venting or extraction systems
  • Full range of spare parts

Bespoke heating system and controls

  • Material testing for your process
  • Quartz elements or Quartz Halogen or Quartz Tungsten or Ceramic tube heaters to suit
  • Modified Fast IR and Modular IRs
  • Upper, lower, and vertical heating panel systems with adjustable height
  • Custom heater geometry and multi-zoning with concentration of heat direction
  • Custom distance and heater array
  • Remote monitoring capabilities
  • Complete individual custom programme control or modular system
  • Element failure detection option
  • Precision heating tolerance in °C/ºF

Whatever configuration you require for your main heat oven or heating system, our specialist heat engineers will custom design and build a complete and bespoke infrared heating system to your specifications. Our full ‘Project Completion’ approach gives you a comprehensive end to end service that keeps you updated through every stage of the process.

After your initial enquiry and our detailed proposal, we can provide detailed photos of progress if required – from materials testing and R&D to the functional design specification (FDS) and 3D CAD/CAM design, to product testing and final manufacture.

Solution Testing

This is your system, designed and built by us to your specifications and we undertake detailed and thorough system testing at every stage. Our ceramic and quartz infrared heating elements have detailed end of line test results and performance data to confirm correct operation.


At Ceramicx, we have the in-house capabilities to build custom industrial infrared ovens and heating solutions to almost any design and specification. Whatever your requirements, we’ll give you the clarity and advice you need to design and build a high quality, infrared heating solution that meets your needs.

Call our technical team today on +353 28 37510 or email on [email protected]. We’ll be more than happy to discuss potential solutions and answer all your questions so you can make an informed decision.

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