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As global, infrared specialists, Ceramicx are experts in the supply of IR systems and components for all infrared industrial ovens. Helping you optomise your existing oven’s potential, our upgrades will ensure your machines productive longevity and efficiency.

Because of our expertise in all areas of infrared heating, we’ve built a dedicated team of experienced infrared engineers to help you. By taking a realistic and cost-effective approach to your specific oven issues, we can give you the best options based on your material and parameters.

Infrared Oven Rebuilds

Your own industrial infrared heating system is only as good as its parts. But even if they begin to fail, there’s no reason that your oven can’t continue to operate just as well, if not better than before.

When rebuilding any heat system in any oven, we will take your measurements, heating requirements and control options and then start to redesign or re manufacture the system.

Being leading infrared heating element and component manufacturers, Ceramicx always use expertly designed and tested components to our own exacting standards – to bring your oven a new and improved lease of life.

Infrared Oven Retrofits and Upgrades

The process of retrofitting your oven means we can help upgrade your oven’s existing heater elements, supported parts, and components to bring them all up to date. Extending the life of your oven, retrofits give you continued use for a longer period of time while meeting criteria and requirements for new processes or standards.

Retrofitting infrared parts for any purpose – from increasing maximum temperatures for specialist R&D materials testing to creating separate zones for optimum heat, speed, and efficiency – our engineers can address whatever process your oven needs to undertake or standard it’s required to meet, improving your entire oven system.

All Your Infrared Oven Needs Covered

For any infrared oven retrofit, rebuild, or upgrade, when you contact Ceramicx, we’ll get to the heart of the issue. Asking all the right questions to understand your plans and objectives, we can advise the best route and requirements to solve your heating issue.

From minor heating system element replacements to new or refurbished component retrofits or full custom oven rebuilds to meet long term specific testing or heating needs, Ceramicx has you covered.

The Benefits of Rebuilding Your Infrared Oven

While your infrared oven may no longer fit to provide certain functions, it can be transformed and repurposed to handle any kind of infrared tasks. Here’s how rebuilding your infrared oven can benefit your business and reach the highest standards of processes:

  • Repurpose existing oven for increased energy efficiency
  • Reductions in ongoing oven maintenance and repair costs

The Benefits of Retrofitting Your Infrared Oven

Small component repairs and retrofits to your industrial infrared oven can give it the ability to handle growing demands. Here’s how retrofitting your infrared oven can benefit your business, giving it longevity and new purpose:

  • Lower long term capex investments
  • Repurpose existing oven for new processes
  • Increase oven uptime and energy efficiency
  • Increased oven performance
  • Oven system integration
  • Onsite retrofitting for convenience and efficiency
  • Reductions in ongoing oven maintenance and repair cost

ROI on Your Oven’s Retrofit, Rebuild, or Upgrade

Whatever industry or sector you’re in, your finances, business circumstances, and oven requirements are as individual as everyone else’s. Your choice of whether to retrofit, rebuild, or upgrade your infrared oven is down to you and your needs, but working through the potential benefits below will help you make that decision. See also – Ceramicx range of Carbon Footprint reducing Infrared Elements​

1. Smooth operation

With the addition of new and refurbished components, parts, or controls, smooth and more continuous oven operation will see a reduction in stoppages, meaning you can produce your product more reliably and more routinely See case study

2. Reduced downtime

A Retrofit, rebuild, or upgrade of a heat system will prolong the life of your infrared oven. After this initial expenditure, you’ll then have reduced oven downtime. See case study.

3. Increased speed

Upgrading your infrared oven’s capabilities to cope with higher demands or newer materials will result in increased efficiency and production times. In today’s world production demand is getting faster and smarter. Upgrading may be an important step to manufacture your best product. See case study.

4. Increased revenue potential

Any retrofit, rebuild, or upgrade will give you increased capacity and efficiency, so your potential revenue will increase too. Making sure your oven is working seamlessly at any stage means order scheduling and turnover can be optomised. See case study.

5. Short-term cost for long-term gain

Any retrofit, rebuild, or upgrade investment in your infrared oven and its parts will incur costs, but the long-term returns should outweigh the short-term outlay. We will work with you to make sure your oven will make its money back. See case study.

6. Improved and energy-efficient processes

Using the latest high spec, infrared parts and components will improve the life of your oven as well as making your processes more energy-efficient. Ceramicx pride ourselves on our knowledge of heatwork process optomisation. See case study.

7. Benefits beyond the investment

Aside from the financial and process-driven benefits to retrofitting, rebuilding, or upgrading your industrial heating system, you also gain up to date safety compliance, updated and optomised user interface and efficiency, and renewed product warranties.

At Ceramicx, we’re able to help you clarify your needs and answer all your questions to make an informed decision.

Speak to one of our infrared heating experts today by calling +353 28 37510, emailing us on [email protected], or contacting one of our engineers through our enquiry page.

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