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Case Study

Case study: Infrared Heating Panel Replacement Oven

A frequent UK based customer contacted Ceramicx to do a proposal for 6 replacement infrared heating panels.

The panels are used on a lamination line to melt various powders with a set maximum melting temperature. The mounting frames for the heaters were variable in height. The main issue for the end user was that they were using a specific infrared technology and they were having issues with it.

We proposed two designs to the company. One with ceramic elements and one with quartz elements. The customer decided to go with the option of using our full quartz element heaters, to best match the previous panels in power and size. The FQE heater is built differently to our competitors in that it is almost sealed. An advantage meaning they will perform better in the harsh environment.

Another concern for the customer was to establish what type of control they wanted to employ for these 6 new panel heaters. Ceramicx solved this by providing a wide-ranging number of control options to the customer so they could make an informed decision.

Ceramicx built the 6 panels in-house with Ceramicx FQE elements. Each panel has a power of 14kW. Ceramicx built an 84kW single zone open loop control system to go with the infrared heating panels.

Oven Frame: Stainless Steel
Reflectors: Polished aluminium clad steel
Element Type: FQE 500W 230/240V
Zones 1 Zone
Total Power: Approximately 14 kW
Oven Size 1880mm x 440
Controller: KR1 controller
Control type: Open loop control
Power Supply: 3 x 400V + N + PE

Components Used

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