Bespoke infrared heating solutions for the textile industry

In the textile industry, heating and drying processes have significant involvement in the manufacture and processing of complex textiles and composite materials.

With industry demands on heating systems increasing, it’s essential for heating processes to evolve alongside the manufacturing processes. As infrared is a proven and reliable heat source in textile processing, thanks to its speed and versatility, this is where Ceramicx custom heating solutions play a big role.

With specialist knowledge and experience, Ceramicx can design and build custom heating solutions to process materials quickly and efficiently. From coating, laminating, and drying textiles to dealing with carbon composite materials, a custom system can reduce energy consumption, increase production, and lower costs, all with a fast heat up time and precision control.

Learn about some infrared heating solutions for the Textile Manufacturing industry that we have developed –

  • Composite Pre-Heat Oven

    A UK based company specialising in the coating and laminating of complex textiles, and cutting of carbon composite materials, had issues with processing their materials which due to their nature needed very accurate control.

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  • Infrared Heating Panel Replacement Oven

    We proposed two designs to the company. One with ceramic elements and one with quartz elements. The customer decided to go with the option of using our full quartz element heaters, to best match the previous panels in power and size.

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  • Inline Material Processing Oven

    The infrared oven was designed with 4 zones evenly spread throughout which allowed the heat to be evenly spread throughout the material giving an end result of a high quality material finish. Each zone was capable of being controlled to within 2°C of the specified setpoint which allowed for a fast heat up time and extremely accurate setpoint control.

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  • Quartz Infrared Heating Modules

    Ceramicx designed and manufactured the modules in house using Ceramicx PHQE elements (Pillared Half Quartz Element).

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