Aerospace & Defence

Bespoke infrared heating solutions for aerospace & defence

Ceramicx has huge experience in working in aerospace & defence industries and has successfully completed several projects where infrared heating has been used to form lightweight aerospace components and substructures.

In addition, we’ve worked with our partners to design, manufacture, and complete test ovens for the aerospace industry, enabling them to further test materials and components needed for production.

The advantages of infrared as a heat source allow aerospace engineers to effectively target a structure and component with the required level of heat which can be easily and accurately monitored to ensure process quality and accuracy.

We’ve also worked on specialist heat simulation and heat testing projects for leading OEMs in the aerospace industries. The failsafe requirements needed in this sector mean the heat performance of all new aircraft designs, including engines, fuselage, and other critical components, must be 100% guaranteed fit for purpose.

Infrared heat engineering has a full role to play in this industry and Ceramicx is leading the way.

Learn about some infrared heating solutions for the Aerospace & Defence industry that we have developed –

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