Bespoke infrared heating solutions for the glass manufacturing industry

As global appetite for IT, telecoms, and electronics products continues to increase, Ceramicx has the infrared solutions to meet the industry’s demand for toughened glass.

In partnership with leading OEMs, Ceramicx has developed infrared heating expertise that breaks the mould for infrared heat in manufacturing in the glass industry. While traditional silica-based materials and glass objects have typically been energy and cost intensive to manufacture, infrared heat provides efficiency across the board.

While operating at exceedingly high temperatures, Ceramicx industrial ovens deliver pinpoint accuracy of control, helping to form specialist hardness glass and other compounds fit for commercial purposes.

Learn about some infrared heating solutions for the Toughened Glass Manufacturing industry that we have developed –

  • Glass Forming Oven

    Ceramicx designed and built a single oven heating module for a prominent customer in the United States glass industry.

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