Case Study

Case study: Glass Forming Oven

Ceramicx designed and built a single infrared oven heating module for a prominent customer in the United States glass industry. They wanted an R&D oven so that they could test whether they could heat up a specific glass, and afterwards form it so they could create a curve in the glass. This was so they could achieve more complex shapes of glass to be used for future assembly.

It was new territory for both Ceramicx and this customer. They required a heat output of 900°C with a very tight tolerance in order to get the required results. Ceramicx designed 9 heated modules and 2 access modules. They were installed in line to provide the process temperature that they wanted.

Each heated module contained specially designed fast medium tungsten heaters providing a total heat output of 11 kW per module. Target moulds were indexed through modules to provide the required heating curve.

Ceramicx built the oven on site and used specialised insulative materials to be able to create the necessary environment for the glass product to stay so close within tolerance.

Oven Frame: Stainless Steel
Heater Type: Quartz Tungsten tubes 1000W 240V
Length of 11 modules together: 4.947m
Heat Output: 11kW per module

Once the oven was built, the customer visited our factory with 4 individuals from the United States to do a factory acceptance test on site. After this the project was shipped out.

Components Used

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