Infrared Conveyor Ovens

To ensure optimal and uniform heating of materials, whether as a standalone system or integrating with existing machinery, we can design an infrared heating system around a moving conveyor. As standard, the frameworks of all components (oven and conveyor if required) are made from stainless steel with integrated conveyor speed and oven power.

  • industrial conveyor ovens 42kw curing oven

    42kW Curing Oven

    Ceramicx designed and built a 42 kW long-wave tunnel oven for a USA based electronics customer which was supplied in two sections. The infrared oven system was curved to ensure optimal and uniform heating of the customers material.

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  • industrial conveyor ovens annealing stress relief

    Annealing and Stress Relief Oven

    Ceramicx supplied three tunnel ovens with 30 metres of conveyor to a customer in the U.S. FMCG sector.

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