Case Study

Case study: 42kW Curing Oven

Ceramicx designed and built a 42 kW infrared long-wave tunnel oven for a USA based consumer electronics customer which was supplied in two sections.

The infrared oven system was curved to ensure optimal and uniform heating of the customers material. As standard, the frameworks of all components (oven and conveyor) were made from stainless steel. Integrated into the control system (via HMI), the conveyor speed as well as oven power could be controlled. HTE type elements were chosen by our engineers to allow an increased number of zones within the oven for better temperature control. The clamshell design means the oven is easily accessible for parts replacement and maintenance in the future.

The system was designed to cure foam on the back outer edge of polycarbonate speaker baskets at an accelerated time rate. The system consists of 4 primary components: The infrared oven, conveyor 1 (load conveyor), conveyor 2 (unload conveyor) and a control panel.

Total Power: 42.5 kW
Power Supply: 3 x 480V + N + PE
Maximum Current/Phase: 100A
Element Type: Long Wave Ceramic HTE Elements
Total Heating Power: 42 kW
Control channels: 24
Control type: 24 zone closed loop control with embedded TC/K feedback
Controller: Allen Bradley CompactLogix
Control interface: Allen Bradley HMI
Power control: Hetronik HC 500 Controller
Control feedback: Embedded TC/K
Footprint: 6.6m x 0.8m
Oven length (entry to exit): 2.2m
Approvals: CE

Components Used

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