Infrared heating and control systems for every process

Ceramicx’s industrial heating systems and furnaces draw on the company’s vast experience in ‘heatwork’ development for every application. 

Latest case studies

MSE look to infrared improve process

Using infrared to overcome system inefficiencies

Carbon Fiber Heating System For Aerospace

12-zone heat control system custom-built IR oven

Aerospace Industrial R&D Furnace

Replicate the conditions of atmospheric re-entry.

Infrared Heating Panel Replacement Oven

The panels are used on a lamination line.






Heating Solutions

Ceramicx’s industrial ovens draw on the company’s vast experience in applications engineering and ‘heatwork’ development.

Our heating syste are custom designed to each and every customers’ needs be they short, medium or long-wave. This choice is always material and process dependent, however the installed power is always specified according to our rule: ‘As much as necessary, as little as possible’ Ceramicx will advise you in regard to best infrared practice. 

Our Industries

Ceramicx Infrared technology is enabling the development of many process sectors, including food technology (heating and cooking) and printing (drying and curing).

Infrared Innovation

The Ceramicx Centre for Infrared Innovation works hand in hand with the other departments of Ceramicx Ireland.

The Herschel test machine is our IR energy mapping instrument, comprises an ABB robot, a state of the art Infra Red sensing element, and a sophisticated post processing graphics suite. 

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“The new IR system provided by Ceramicx was delivered in a timely manner within budget. 

The pre-heating process improvements to our embossing equipment have increased production and reduced scrap within the extrusion process.”