Case Study

Case study: Portable Test Oven

Ceramicx’ Portable Test Stand allows for quick and consistent testing of materials. Various long, medium, and short wave Infrared emitters are fitted in a modified PAS, which is easily attached to the test stand. The emitters face down and heat a material that is placed on a stainless steel mesh. The distance between emitter and material can easily be adjusted between 50mm and 200mm, in 50mm intervals. This test stand allows the user to quickly determine the most suitable type of emitter and heating distance for a specific material, with consistent results due to the simple, repeatable test set up.

  • 2 x 800W Black Ceramic SFEH
  • 2 x 750W Quartz FQE
  • 2 x 750W Tungsten QTS
  • Recommended voltage – 230V
  • Maximum current – 7A

Components Used

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