Industrial Infrared Heating Solutions

For specialist applications and materials testing, Ceramicx has the in-house capabilities to build custom-designed industrial infrared ovens and heating solutions to almost any design and specification.

Drawing on a wealth of in-house knowledge and experience in application engineering and heatwork development, each oven is built to precise customer requirements. Each oven or system can be produced to sit within any existing frameworks or as complete, standalone systems capable of integrating into other machinery.

The choice of short, medium, or long wavelengths for any custom oven or heating system will be dependant on your chosen application process. The installed power is always specified to our rule of ‘as much as necessary, as little as possible’.

We also keep the entire infrared process under one roof. That way, we’re able to give you an end to end service that takes care of your own unique oven, from modular, precision solutions to custom-built, high temperature ovens for specialist testing.

These case studies are examples of what we have done in the past to give you a better idea of what we can do for you.

Control systems

Control systems

By providing customised controls to suit specific heating applications, Ceramicx offer control solutions that meet every requirement.
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  • industrial conveyor ovens 42kw curing oven

    42kW Curing Oven

    Ceramicx designed and built a 42 kW long-wave tunnel oven for a USA based electronics customer which was supplied in two sections. The infrared oven system was curved to ensure optimal and uniform heating of the customers material.

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  • industrial high temperature ovens aerospace r and d furnace

    Aerospace Industrial R&D Furnace Oven

    Weco International, our business partner in the United States introduced us to the client, a private aerospace manufacturer that provides spaceflight services. The client needed a heating system that could replicate the conditions of atmospheric re-entry in a controlled setting.

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  • industrial conveyor ovens annealing stress relief

    Annealing and Stress Relief Oven

    Ceramicx supplied three tunnel ovens with 30 metres of conveyor to a customer in the U.S. Food Packaging sector.

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  • industrial specialised ovens bonding car interiors

    Bonding Automotive Interiors

    One of the biggest US automotive companies were looking for a more automated solution to their production process. Their Tier 1 supplier made contact with our business partner in the United States, Weco International.

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  • industrial composite curing ovens aerospace carbon fiber

    Carbon Fiber Heating System For Aerospace

    As an independent, national centre for the world-class design and manufacture of composites, our client’s testing production capabilities were already meeting multi-sector demands.

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  • industrial specialised ovens pvc pipe infrared heating system

    Ceramic Infrared Heating System for PVC Pipes

    A European customer needed to heat different sizes of PVC pipes. They were looking for a complete infrared heating solution.

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  • industrial high temperature ovens clam shell

    Clamshell Oven

    We have constructed a clam shell oven as part of our standard production offering.

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  • Clamshell Pipe Infrared Heating System

    Ceramicx designed and built this clamshell shape heating system for a customer of one of our Danish distributers. The purpose of the shape was to heat the outside of Polypropylene pipes up to diameter of 400mm.

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  • Composite Pre-Heat Oven

    A UK based company specialising in the coating and laminating of complex textiles, and cutting of carbon composite materials, had issues with processing their materials which due to their nature needed very accurate control.

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  • industrial thermoforming ovens cut-sheet

    Cut-Sheet Thermoforming Oven

    A UK based Tier 1 automotive supplier approached Ceramicx about upgrading their thermoforming heating system. They were having some productivity issues.

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  • Drying System for Concrete Pipes

    A Swiss Industrial company approached our distributor in Germany, Friedr-Freek, about a drying system for concrete pipes using only infrared technology.

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  • Vertical Heater Curing System

    Four Column Vertical Curing System

    To heat four separate, composite parts, vertical heater columns were fitted with 22 infrared emitters and 3 pyrometers for precise, non-contact temperature measurement at 1” increments along the material.

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  • industrial high temperature ovens glass forming

    Glass Forming Oven

    Ceramicx designed and built a single oven heating module for a prominent customer in the United States glass industry.

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  • Mecalbi Infrared Clam Shell Oven

    Heatshrink Clamshell Application

    We have constructed a clam shell oven as part of our production offering.

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  • industrial thermoforming ovens in-line

    In-Line Thermoforming Oven Solution

    The UK based company called Linpac Packaging provides rigid and flexible packaging solutions to customers around the world. They approached Ceramicx to design and build a new heating system that could integrate into their current machine.

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  • industrial conveyor ovens infrared heating panel replacement

    Infrared Heating Panel Replacement Oven

    A frequent UK based customer contacted Ceramicx to do a proposal for 6 replacement infrared heating panels.

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  • industrial r and d ovens inline materials processing

    Inline Material Processing Oven

    Ceramicx designed and built an infrared oven system for a UK based customer.

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  • industrial composite curing ovens internal curing aircraft stringers

    Internal Curing of Aircraft Stringers

    Ceramicx have developed a novel heating system for the curing of thermoset resins in the manufacture of composite aircraft stringers.

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  • Long Wave Composite Curing Oven

    Ceramicx developed a composite curing oven, which was embedded in a robotic press cell for a variety of composite systems.

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  • industrial r and d ovens test oven

    Material Test Oven

    Ceramicx designed and built and infrared test oven system for a Turkish customer.

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  • Custom infrared solutions

    MSE look to infrared to overcome system inefficiencies

    As a supplier of converting and process films for industrial packaging markets, Louisiana-based Mid South Extrusion (MSE) are leading the way among North American film manufacturers. Founded in 1986, their range of products are key components in end-user packaging, while their innovative proprietary products are developed and used in major industrial packaging markets.

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  • Paint Curing Enclosure Design & Build

    Based near Macroom, Co Cork, Ireland, Firebird had a recent requirement to streamline and increase the throughput of its boiler production line. This was primarily needed in order to satisfy continuing demand and to circumvent seasonal bottlenecks for Firebird heating products.

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  • Portable Test Oven

    Ceramicx’ new Portable Test Stand allows for quick and consistent testing of materials. Various long, medium, and short wave Infrared emitters are fitted in a modified PAS, which is easily attached to the test stand.

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  • Pre-Heat and Main-Heat System

    These were used to produce an artificial turf type material for sports grounds in the US. There were 2 heating systems: pre-heat and main heat system to be positioned over a conveyor system.

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