Case Study

Case study: Annealing and Stress Relief Oven

Ceramicx supplied three conveyor tunnel ovens to a customer in the U.S. packaging sector. Ceramicx ceramic emitters paired with closed loop feedback systems meant that these ovens integrated seamlessly with the customer existing machinery. The conveyors employed are variable speed with 2-way drive and used a stainless steel belt system.

The conveyor length was specified by the customer but Ceramicx chose the belt material and specification that was heat resistant. Perforated aluminium was used for the back cover to allow ventilation in the wiring area. FTE and HTE type ceramic elements were used to achieve consistent heat across all of the designated heating area.

The conveyor oven sizes are as follows –
45 kW oven – 30 ft conveyor with a 10 ft oven + control system.
45 kW oven – 30 ft conveyor with a 10 ft oven + control system.
67.5 kW oven – 42 ft conveyor with a 15 ft oven + control system.

Power Supply: 3 x 480V + PE
Maximum Current/Phase: 100A
Element Type: Long Wave Ceramic FTE/HTE Elements
Control channels: 4
Control type: 4 zone closed loop control with embedded TC/K feedback
Controller: Ascon KR1
Control interface: Ascon KR1
Power control: SSR
Control feedback: Embedded TC/K
Opening mechanism: Manual
Approvals: CE

Components Used

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