Packaging Food & Drink

Infrared thermoforming solutions for food & drink packaging

Infrared heating technology is at the heart of the food packaging industry. It’s a sector where Ceramicx are designing and building custom infrared thermoform heating systems for packaging clients around the world. Helping them to manufacture their products quickly, our IR heat technology also means production is completed with precision control, minimal waste and energy efficiently.

Ceramicx supplies award-winning IR heat technology to the world’s leading packaging companies and the reason is simple: IR heat sources reduce both running cost and carbon footprint. A retrofit system from Ceramicx typically reduces energy consumption on a production line by some 40% and can increase production by as much as 20%.

The world of packaging is fast changing as companies become more responsive to consumers and more conscious of energy costs and environmental needs. Learn how we have recently helped food packaging clients in some of our case studies –

Case study: In-Line Thermoforming Oven Solution

Linpac Packaging, a UK based company, approached Ceramicx to design and build a new heating system that could integrate into their current thermoforming machine. Read more…

Case study: Upgrading Food Packaging Thermoforming Lines

A client, manufacturing consumables for the food service industry, required a complete upgrade on one of its main plastics thermoforming lines. Read more…

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