Bespoke infrared heating solutions for the leisure industry

Infrared is fast becoming the heat source of choice in many leisure venues because it allows specific areas, such as dressing rooms or gyms, to be heated quickly and efficiently. But Ceramicx can design and build custom industrial thermoforming ovens that help facilitate production processes for equipment and apparatus across the leisure industry.

From standalone heating systems to ovens that integrate with existing machinery, a Ceramicx custom-built heating solution can be made to measure for specific process capabilities.

Learn about some infrared heating solutions for Leisure Industry Manufacturing that we have developed –

  • 42kW Curing Oven

    Ceramicx designed and built a 42 kW long-wave tunnel oven for a USA based electronics customer which was supplied in two sections. The infrared oven system was curved to ensure optimal and uniform heating of the customers material.

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  • Ceramicx Modular Infrared Conveyor Oven

    Each IR oven module is attached to the next module by means of securing fittings. Side conveyors run alongside the oven modules to feed product to the entry point of conveyor oven. Each oven module has an integrated control system to control heating, air flow, and conveying operations.

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  • Modular Long-Wave Infrared Heaters In Composite Curing

    Ceramicx SFEH black ceramic heating elements provided the higher temperatures required to fuse the materials, leading to faster curing times. Our inhouse Ceramicx team were then able to draw up drawings for a unique heating system, based on our own Modular IR 260 infrared technology.

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  • Pre-Heat and Main-Heat System

    These were used to produce an artificial turf type material for sports grounds in the US. There were 2 heating systems: pre-heat and main heat system to be positioned over a conveyor system.

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  • Quartz Infrared Heating Modules

    Ceramicx designed and manufactured the modules in house using Ceramicx PHQE elements (Pillared Half Quartz Element).

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  • Vacuum Forming Oven

    A major Canadian company that makes hot tubs, contacted our distributor in the United States to help them build one section of their machine. They were in process of building a machine to mould hot tubs and they wanted us to do the heat work for the section of their vacuum forming machine.

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