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Case Study

Case study: Quartz Infrared Heating Modules

These modules were manufactured for a global sports brand manufacturer.

Ceramicx manufactured and assembled these modules in house using Ceramicx PHQE elements (Pillared Half Quartz Element). They were each pre-wired to specifications given. The perforated back cover is perforated as Ceramicx standard to ventilate the wring area. Each element included a thermocouple connection for precise temperature monitoring.

Module Power 3.75kW
Element Type PHQE 250W 230V TcK x 15
Overall Dimensions 590mm x 475mm x 200mm
Reflectors Polished aluminium clad steel
Back Cover (Removable) manufactured from perforated aluminium sheet
Frame, brackets, and side wall Stainless steel 304
Electrical Connection Via junction box with M16 x 3m flexible metallic conduit


Components Used

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