Infrared Curing Ovens

Ceramicx design and manufacture industrial infrared curing ovens for any size and application. With every bespoke system completed in-house to meet client’s precise requirements and specifications, each infrared curing oven provides the energy efficiency and accurate temperature control required for curing processes across a range of industries and applications.

Product Overview

Every industrial curing oven is different. But each is planned, developed, and purpose-built to suit your own product and processes – even down to floor space requirements. Using a durable, stainless steel structural framework, each curing oven is custom-built to give short cycle times, with low energy and high performance with low maintenance and running costs.

Key Features

During the custom-design phase of your curing oven, every feature is overseen by our design and engineering team to guarantee full system integration, giving you the flexibility, accuracy, and reliability you need. But whether your curing oven is standalone or incorporated into existing machinery, bespoke, key features and controls can be built right in.

Fast and energy-efficient heat process times are achieved using arrays of industry-standard, high quality infrared ceramic or quartz heating elements. Bespoke heating systems used for concrete or paint within the automotive and construction industries are fully optimised, giving you the results best suited to your heat requirements and materials. And integrated, complete heat control systems provide precision temperature control.

Combined, your curing oven will give you increased line speeds, improved productivity, and processing times for a complete infrared heating and control solution, including.

Industrial Infrared Curing Ovens

  • 42kW Curing Oven

    Ceramicx designed and built a 42 kW long-wave tunnel oven for a USA based electronics customer which was supplied in two sections. The infrared oven system was curved to ensure optimal and uniform heating of the customers material.

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  • industrial high temperature ovens clam shell

    Clamshell Oven

    The clamshell shape was ideal for curing the outside layer of a synthetic material used in the drinks industry.

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  • Creating Weather-Resistant Products For The Construction Industry

    Ceramicx fast response, infrared modular heating technology to create innovative and weatherproof products for the construction and building industries. While giving them an increase in production speeds, the introduction of infrared has also shortened delivery times and improved the aesthetics and finish of their products.

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  • Drying System for Concrete Pipes

    Friedr-Freek and Ceramicx collaborated on the design. The decision was to provide the customer with an overall octagonal shape in stainless steel frame, with the ceramic infrared heaters facing out to the heat internal section of the pipe.

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  • Four Column Vertical Curing System

    To heat four separate, composite parts, vertical heater columns were fitted with 22 infrared emitters and 3 pyrometers for precise, non-contact temperature measurement at 1” increments along the material.

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  • Halogen Infrared Heating Sectors

    Short lead times for customers is one of the many perks of this process we pride ourselves on. These units were designed for a Norwegian customer for the offshore construction industry.

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  • industrial composite curing ovens internal curing aircraft stringers

    Internal Curing of Aircraft Stringers

    Ceramicx have developed a novel heating system for the curing of thermoset resins in the manufacture of composite aircraft stringers.

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  • Long Wave Composite Curing Oven

    Ceramicx developed a composite curing oven, which was embedded in a robotic press cell for a variety of composite systems.

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  • Paint Curing Enclosure Design & Build

    Based near Macroom, Co Cork, Ireland, Firebird had a recent requirement to streamline and increase the throughput of its boiler production line. This was primarily needed in order to satisfy continuing demand and to circumvent seasonal bottlenecks for Firebird heating products.

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  • Quartz And Ceramic Infrared Heating Systems For OEM Industry Leader

    Using a mix of quartz and ceramic trough infrared elements, the new stand alone IR systems would bring efficiency and speed to their processes.

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  • Shortwave Infrared For Pre-Heat & Curing

    In the past year, QS Group has increasingly turned to Ceramicx to manufacture shortwave custom-built pre-heat and various curing heating systems.

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Bespoke manufacture, design and build

  • Mounting brackets and wheels for easy lifting and moving
  • Extra structural protection and features for easy shipping and partial re-assembly
  • Specialist insulation, steel meshing, rotary wheels, and viewing windows
  • Removable, perforated steel backing for access
  • Multiple doors for easy access to heat chamber
  • Custom safety features for your process needs together with emergency stop
  • Bespoke electrical junction boxes positioning
  • Full range of spare parts

Bespoke heating system and controls

  • Material testing for your process
  • Ceramic or Quartz elements or Quartz Halogen or Quartz Tungsten tube heaters to suit
  • Modified Fast IR and Modular IRs
  • Upper, lower, and vertical heating panel systems with adjustable height
  • Custom heater geometry and multi-zoning with concentration of heat direction
  • Custom distance and heater array
  • Remote monitoring capabilities
  • Complete individual custom programme control or modular system
  • Element failure detection option
  • Precision heating tolerance in °C/ºF

Designing Your Solution

Whatever configuration you require for your composite heating system, our specialist heat engineers will custom design and build a complete and bespoke infrared heating system to your specifications. Our full ‘Project Completion’ approach gives you a comprehensive end to end service that keeps you updated through every stage of the process.

After your initial enquiry and our detailed proposal, we can provide detailed photos of progress if required – from materials testing and R&D to the functional design specification (FDS) and 3D CAD/CAM design, to product testing and final manufacture.

Solution Testing

This is your system, designed and built by us to your specifications and we undertake detailed and thorough system testing at every stage. Our ceramic and quartz infrared heating elements have detailed end of line test results and performance data to confirm correct operation.

To ensure we exceed your expectations, as well as maintaining our own high standards and quality control, we encourage your full customer feedback. Together with our ongoing customer support – even after your system has been installed – your total satisfaction in every area is what we always set out to achieve. We continue this after sales service by providing spare elements as well as further infrared oven design and builds if you choose to expand your order with us.


At Ceramicx, we have the in-house capabilities to build custom industrial infrared ovens and heating solutions to almost any design and specification. Whatever your requirements, we’ll give you the clarity and advice you need to design and build a high quality, infrared heating solution that meets your needs.

Call our technical team today on +353 28 37510 or email on [email protected]. We’ll be more than happy to discuss potential solutions and answer all your questions so you can make an informed decision.

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