Infrared Research & Development Ovens

For any customer looking for quick and consistent testing at their own premises, we have a range of standard R&D ovens available to purchase. These test ovens allow you to examine how your materials respond to infrared heat sources, and how this response varies with our radiation technology. With inbuilt control systems, you can set material temperatures which are controlled by optical pyrometers.

  • industrial high temperature ovens aerospace r and d furnace

    Aerospace Industrial R&D Furnace Oven

    Weco International, our business partner in the United States introduced us to the client, a private aerospace manufacturer that provides spaceflight services. The client needed a heating system that could replicate the conditions of atmospheric re-entry in a controlled setting.

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  • industrial high temperature ovens glass forming

    Glass Forming Oven

    Ceramicx designed and built a single oven heating module for a prominent customer in the United States glass industry.

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  • industrial r and d ovens test oven

    Material Test Oven

    Ceramicx designed and built and infrared test oven system for a Turkish customer.

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  • Portable Test Oven

    Ceramicx’ new Portable Test Stand allows for quick and consistent testing of materials. Various long, medium, and short wave Infrared emitters are fitted in a modified PAS, which is easily attached to the test stand.

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  • industrial r and d ovens aerospace test equipment

    Test Equipment for Aerospace

    The aerospace customer wanted some test equipment built to a small scale on a small budget just to see if they could get a result.

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