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Case Study

Case study: Inline Material Processing Oven

Ceramicx designed and built an infrared oven system for a UK based customer. This customer specialises in the coating and lamination of complex textiles as well as the cutting of carbon composite materials. The infrared oven was designed with 4 zones evenly spread throughout which allowed the heat to be evenly spread throughout the material giving an end result of a high quality material finish. Each zone was capable of being controlled to within 2°C of the specified setpoint which allowed for a fast heat up time and extremely accurate setpoint control.

Total Power: 59kW
Power Supply: 3 x 400V + N + PE
Maximum Current/Phase: 100A
Element Type: Long wave ceramic model SFEH
Total Heating Power: 58.8kW
Control channels: 4
Control type: 4 zone closed loop combined with open loop control of 132 channels
Controller: Ascon KR1
Control interface: Ascon KR1
Power control: SSR
Control feedback: Type K thermocouples integrated into ceramic element
Footprint: 1.8×1.05m
Oven length (entry to exit): 1.8m
Approvals: CE

Components Used

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