Infrared Vacuum Forming Ovens

Capable of moulding thermoplastics of different thicknesses, vacuum forming systems provide the infrared energy needed to heat materials to a flexible and malleable state.

Vacuum forming is ideal for use in R&D projects for prototypes, and across the automotive, packaging, and leisure industries. With expert in-house capabilities, our Ceramicx heating solutions engineers can custom-design, configure, and build a vacuum forming oven specified to your exact requirements.

Helping you increase productivity and performance, a Ceramicx custom vacuum forming oven also gives you the added benefit of a precision control system for high repeat accuracy.

  • Vacuum Forming Oven

    A major Canadian company that makes hot tubs, contacted our distributor in the United States to help them build one section of their machine. They were in process of building a machine to mould hot tubs and they wanted us to do the heat work for the section of their vacuum forming machine.

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